If I had one wish, it would be for every person on Earth to be happy!

About me

A great percentage of us think that we understand life, but much of our beliefs have nothing to do with reality or the highest truth. We are living in an illusion of the ego and mind. We constantly strive to make our wishes come true, but we do not know that these desires are part of the illusion only and these desires are driven by passion. Because of this, these desires are not fulfilled, so we end up sad, disappointed, or on an emotional rollercoaster.

Now I know it because I am the type of woman who, for most of her life until now, suffered and struggled, searched for happiness, her path, her calling, herself, and the answers to the questions of life. I am a woman who lived through pain, sadness, loneliness, and lack of love. But after all that, I didn’t give up!

After being in pain for many long years, I awoke one day and said to myself, “ENOUGH! This is no good, and it can’t continue this way. I must do something, I must do something differently because it isn’t working this way, and it isn’t good.” I heard my own cry for help. 

I began to immerse myself in my thoughts, seeking the answers to my questions. I began examining myself, my life, my fate, my opportunities. I wanted to change. I consciously concentrated on what was happening to me and why it was happening. 

I attended self-awareness courses, continuously working on myself, and I developed. Then, I read more and attended more courses – until I finally understood my own inner workings.

My name is Valeria Tari. I am a right-handed tantra teacher – Rishi Culture Tantra-Ashtanga Yoga-, Neotantra instructor, ThetaHelaing instructor, and author. 

I have been living a conscious life for twenty years. I’ve learned several methods of self-awareness. I began to work on myself and confront myself, and that is when I came to see the ingrained patterns that defined and motivated me.

The patterns I had learned did not allow me to be my true self, and they prevented me from achieving the happiness I desired. When I grew closer to my true nature – alongside further self-development – I started to hold therapy sessions, and eventually, I taught as well.

Thousands of realizations, thousands of revelations – honestly, we are talking about numbers that big – after plenty of pain, loads of bitterness, and countless “A-HA” moments, I finally understand my true self. I can do what I need to do and be who I need to be.

About my books

Two different genres, two different themes, two different styles, two different books.

One of them – Masseuse – is fiction, a provocative and challenging true story, laced with imagination and rich in emotions.

The other one – 99% – is non-fiction, two in one: a breezy romantic novel, and the latest spiritual and psychological approach to relationships, based on the ancient roles of women and men, as well as their true natures.