Valeria Tari


by Valeria Tari

Valeria Tari is the first to admit that her search for happiness was long and arduous, with many false starts and mistakes along the way. But for each bad experience, Valeria has been awakened by many hard truths that have ultimately made her a better person.

Her new book, ‘99%: Be the One!’ is a bold attempt to help women around the world put bad relationships behind them and rediscover love with the right people, for the right reasons. Even if life feels hopeless, Valeria’s book can provide a radical paradigm shift to a place where love is abundant.

“Look, millions of women around the world are struggling, and many of them in crippling silence,” explains the author. “I was once one of them, and life doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is that, before we can meet the man of our dreams, we often need to change things about ourselves. This book is a blueprint any woman can follow to make some simple adjustments that will completely change their life, and set it on a new course where love and passion are the dominant forces.”

Continuing, “I’ve been there – that claustrophobic place where there isn’t any light, and the world looks loveless. Looking back, I can’t believe how much my life has now changed, and I’m so excited to be sharing this with any woman who will listen. Even if you’re currently in a relationship and just feel things could be better – we’re going to whip your life into shape so you can finally be happy. You deserve it.”


by Ria V. Uconel

For many “working girls”, what started as a pure necessity quickly becomes a diverse way of life. At the same time, the world’s oldest profession is one that is all-consuming emotionally, physically, and culturally.

In her intricate and intelligent new novel, Ria V. Uconel sees reality and fiction collide, as the story of one young woman making her way in the industry is laid bare. It’s frank and uninhibited – much like the profession itself.

“One thing this book really drives home is the fine line working girls draw between the need to work to live, and their dedication to the eroticism and fantasy realization they provide clients,” explains the author. “Our heroine’s life hasn’t been smooth and, as many readers will agree, she hasn’t chosen the easiest line of work to thrive in. However, the struggles quickly become challenges, and many of those challenges morph into opportunities. It’s certainly an enlightening read.”

Continuing, “I won’t say where the grey areas between fact and fiction are – that’s something readers can try and discover for themselves. However, this is a book that will thrill and delight fans from all walks of life, hopefully, while giving them plenty to think about in their own lives.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. One reader comments, “I really enjoyed the switch between fantasy and reality filled with sexy spice. Highly recommended!”

Another adds, “Great Read. very visual scenes and from a part of the world I grew up in. She must have gone through a tough life.”